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USA Press Release

  Mantis Sport International Limited (MSIL) determined to continue their growth and market presence has partnered with BHCS Inc and their subsidiary Mantis USA to represent MSI in the States. Mantis USA is motivated by the opportunity to introduce such a fine line of rackets and accessories into the US believing strongly in the Mantis mantra of “Don’t Fight It Feel It!”   

MANTIS, founded by former Dunlop Global Head of Products Martin Aldridge, is a young racket brand which has enjoyed a number of successes throughout the UK, Europe and Asia. Mantis has been the Official Tennis Ball for the Masters Tour at the Royal Albert Hall for five years and the Official Tennis Ball for the Junior Davis & Fed Cups in 2015. Their racket portfolio boasts no less than seven awards from the UK based Tennishead magazine with the Mantis 295 being voted “Racquet of the Year” by USA website   

 “MANTIS is a British company with a commitment to expand the brand in the coming years. We have a clear and simple philosophy - to provide exceptional quality products at superior prices,” states Aldridge. We work with the best suppliers in the industry through long standing relationships. The key focus of our racket product development is on the ‘lay-up’ of the racket. This is the process of building the rackets by hand and positioning the carbon fiber in specific areas around the frame to ensure optimum performance. This is what makes the difference to how a racket performs and to how much power or control you obtain. If the racket doesn’t perform to our required playability targets, we work on strategically adjusting the lay-up to achieve our requirements before released for launch,” added Aldridge.   

The partnership with Mantis USA is the next step on our journey and we are optimistic they will be able to guide and assist in building our reputation within the USA.” Bobby Schindler, President of Mantis USA shares a similar assessment. “The collaboration between Martin and the team here in the USA creates an entity taking advantage of more than thirty years of history in tennis. Our contacts, and strengths in event staging, marketing, promotion and sales combined with Mantis’ product and technological innovations make for a formidable alliance.”     

“We cannot wait to expand this brand in the US market which is ready for something new and different, of high quality and superior value. It is our mission to have an individual play and feel our frames and recognize the difference in performance. We understand we are new and must produce to higher standards for players not to spend an additional $50 on a heavily marketed racket that may not be as good for their game,” concluded Schindler.   


Racket Reviews

 I’ve tested a lot of tennis racquets in my life, some better than others, and some that I would never pick up again. The Mantis Pro 295 delivered the complete package. It’s not only great right out of the box, but it’s great because it’s a perfect tennis racquet to customize, it’s the perfect foundation tennis racquet. It also comes with a handle pallet system (you can remove the grip and change the shape and size of the grip without having to use shrink sleeves)!

So pretty much, this is the stick that I’m going to be carrying in my bag from now on. I’m officially flying the Mantis Pro 295 flag! I have also decided that because this tennis racket is about the best frame available in 2013, that is has been given the title of  “ Tennis Racquet of 2013” hands down. Congratulations Mantis

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Final thoughts on the Mantis Tour 305

Over all, the Mantis Tour 305 is a fine tennis racquet that has a lot of potential. For me, personally, I would add a couple of grams at the 12 o’clock position to bring up the swingweight a little bit for a bit more plow-through.I believe that the Mantis Tour 305 would be ideal for most any player that wants to add a little more to their tennis game. This tennis racquet would be ideal for the NTRP 3.5 all the way up to the NTRP 5.0 (with some customization of course). The Mantis Tour 305 offers a lot of versatile playability from all points of the tennis court; it offers good pop, great spin, and fairly decent control. I highly suggest all tennis players give the Mantis Tour 305 a playtest!

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